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Mifra is a Spanish company that has focused on enhancing soccer education for the past ten years. We are proud to celebrate our tenth year operating in Spain as one of the most successful soccer schools accredited by the Spanish government. Through our program, more than 3000 thousand students have achieved their goal of becoming professional soccer coaches and receiving their UEFA-qualified coaches’ licenses.

Due to the success of our program, we have decided to expand our capabilities and open up different programs for foreign exchange students here in Spain.

Many parameters are required to all of our professional employees prior to working with us. All of our coaching staff is part of some of the best academies in Spain.

Why choose Mifra? About us

The impact of living abroad is something that cannot be captured in words. Not only will Mifra Academy  provide the opportunity for students to learn a new language and enhance their soccer skills, but it will also allow them to be submerged in a culture unlike their own.

This type of submersive process will forever leave an imprint on their lives. Our goal is to help our players, and your children, to become the best version of themselves both on and off the field. With the help and support from parents, we believe we have the best system to achieve this goal.

Mifra prides ourselves on our willingness to be as professional as possible. This allows us to bring young athletes the opportunity to work with top level professionals in football industry. Therefore we are proud to offer some of the most professional programs all over the world.

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