Toni Giner

Dr. Toni Giner received his Doctrine in Medicine at the University of Barcelona. He is one of the best sports medicine doctors in Spain, working with a vast amount of athletes and those with musculosketal injuries. In consideration of his schooling and experience, Dr. Tonie Giner is well trained to address any issues associated with sports medicine. Dr. Giner has worked as the director of Valencia CF professional team and its Medical Department for over 25 years. As long-time chairman of Quirón hospital sports service and with the retention of several high standing positions, Dr. Giner has worked with some of the highest-level athletes; most recently including the tennis players competing at the ATP tour during their performances in Spain. Currency, Dr. Giner resides as the Director of the Medical Services for C.D Castellón; thus, putting him in charge of all medical services for the ASCIRES-ERESA hospital.