Mifra Academy


A great place to meet new people and form lifelong friendships. Students make friends from all over the world and, as they do, they learn about life and about themselves. Your residence hall is the place to call home while you are here.

With our housing and dining options, you will have no trouble feeling at home while living on campus. You are a short walk from classes and everything else that campus has to offer.

Taste, quality, healthy choices, sustainability, and dietary restrictions, all top the list, making this food scene the perfect athlete diet.

We understand that one of the big concerns for incoming students and their parents is campus safety. These promising young footballers have tutors to provide students, staff, and visitors every possible resource to make our residence a safe and enjoyable campus.



Our school is always strategically located in the bustling downtown area of Zaragoza, allowing students to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant Spanish culture and experience the city’s dynamic atmosphere.

Recognized by the Spanish government, our unique program allows players to gain valuable academic credits during their soccer gap year. In a pioneering approach, students attend daily classes, diligently complete homework assignments, and take exams, seamlessly blending their commitment to both sport and education.

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There are multiple 11-a-side artificial grass pitches measuring 90 x 60m and 100 x 65m, both with lighting and both with the possibility to be turned into two 7-a-side football pitches (60 x 35m), making it an option to play both at day and night.

We possess all sports equipment (Extra goals, cones, sticks, hudrdles, hopos, walls….).We offer exclusive conference rooms to analyze each training and match. These rooms are equipped with a screen, beamer, and flipchart.

We also have a medical clinic for any potential treatments, in addition to a physical therapy room with massage tables and a gym for cardio training and bodybuilding.

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