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Soccer Gap Year in Spain


Discover the ultimate soccer gap year opportunity with our Spain Soccer Academy, the most professional gap year program in Europe. If you’re seeking increased recruiting options after high school, bypass settling for a college that might not fully meet your ambitions.

Immerse yourself in Spain, playing soccer in our top-tier training program. The exposure gained here is a game-changer for your future. College coaches highly value players with overseas experience, elevating your worth as a player and opening doors to better recruiting options.

While about 45,000 players participate in NCAA college soccer, a mere 6 percent of the 750,000 high school soccer players reach this level. Our academy’s quality has propelled former athletes to success in college and professional soccer across Spain, Europe, and the US.


Immerse yourself in a transformative soccer experience with our unique soccer gap year program in Spain. Designed for players seeking to elevate their game, our program offers an unparalleled opportunity to spend a year honing skills and gaining invaluable international experience. Players are carefully placed within local teams, fostering a dynamic cultural exchange and providing a platform for holistic player development. Mornings are dedicated to intensive training sessions led by our professional coaching staff, known for their expertise in working with professional academies. This focused approach ensures that players not only enhance their existing abilities but also address specific areas of improvement.


At our company, our primary goal is to empower aspiring soccer players by providing them with an exceptional pathway to play college soccer. Over the course of 10 months, participants engage in rigorous training and competition while immersed in the rich soccer culture of Spain. To enhance their visibility to college coaches, we meticulously create personalized highlight videos, capturing every pivotal moment in training sessions and games. Our dedicated team takes on the responsibility of reaching out to college coaches, managing the intricate details of the recruitment process on behalf of the players. While we cannot guarantee specific outcomes, we steadfastly guarantee that the players’ overall value will significantly increase, paving the way for improved recruiting opportunities and a promising future in collegiate soccer.

A minimum of 3 training sessions per week with our professional staff that take place in the mornings

Spanish Team placement with a minimum of 2 days training and a game every weekend

 AI algorithms, we analyze vast amounts of real-time and historical data, including match statistics, player tracking, and performance metrics

Many parameters are required to our coaching staff. All of them have worked with top professional players and they still coaching at the highest level.



Unlike traditional training programs that isolate athletes within their own national circles, we prioritize a unique methodology. We place our players in immersive environments where they train and compete alongside local Spanish teams. Our philosophy challenges the conventional practice of bringing players from their home country to train exclusively with compatriots. We understand that the real essence of improvement lies in the exposure to varied playing experiences.


We strategically place our players with different teams, ensuring that each athlete is challenged and nurtured according to their capabilities. This personalized approach extends beyond the field, as we are dedicated to crafting impactful highlight videos for each player. These videos serve as a powerful tool in opening doors to college opportunities. Our commitment to individualized development and effective recruitment strategies sets us apart, making us the ideal partner in the journey towards collegiate success for aspiring soccer talents.

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After a prospective student-athlete’s expected date of high school graduation, they have a certain amount of time (grace period) to continue sports participation before initially enrolling full time at any two- or four-year college or university. Generally, if the prospective student-athletes does not enroll at the first opportunity after the grace period and continues to participate in organized competition, they will use a season of NCAA eligibility for each 12-month period during which the PSA continues to compete.  The PSA may also be required to serve an academic year in residence (two full-time semesters or three quarters) at the NCAA school before becoming eligible to compete.


Embarking on a soccer gap year for college soccer recruitment in Spain with us not only offers an unparalleled opportunity for skill development and cultural immersion but also comes with the assurance of NCAA eligibility. Players can confidently invest a transformative year with our program without impacting their future collegiate playing prospects. Our dedicated team manages the intricacies of the visa process through our in-house legal department, ensuring a seamless experience for both players and their families. This means that families can be at ease, knowing that their athlete’s eligibility remains intact while they embark on a soccer journey that promises growth, exposure, and an unforgettable experience on and off the field.

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