Mifra is the Spain’s first private football school with it’s own football academy

The quality of the academy has seen former athletes succeed at professional football clubs within Spain, Europe and US



Gap Year

Mifra offers a unique opportunity for players to be placed with real Spanish teams and compete in a semiprofessional league in Spain; Our goal is to provide a training experience which allows the trainee to define a plan according to what they envision for their football journey.



For those who want to achieve their personal goal of playing soccer in Europe. Whatever your intention is to find the university you have dreamed about, or you just want to start your path as a European player.


Ask for a 1–3-month program during summertime before your regular season kicks on. This allows you time to spend working on your weaknesses, increasing your tactical skills, and improving your technical ability.


Many academies from all over the world decide to prepare their season in Spain due its weather conditions and the soccer level. Contact our international department in order to schedule a unique experience competing against top academies in Spain.


Mifra is a Spanish company that has focused on enhancing soccer education for the past ten years. We are proud to be one of the most successful soccer schools accredited by the Spanish government. Through our program, more than 3000 thousand students have achieved their goal of becoming professional soccer coaches and receiving their Spanish Coach License.

Due to the success of our program, we have decided to expand our capabilities for foreign exchange students here in Spain.

Mifra Academy was born as a new innovative project which allows players to participate in an immersive Spanish program and enhance their soccer skills, through intensive training by Spain’s top coaches.


Spain is well known for its enriching culture, immaculate sights, and world-famous cuisine, which attracts thousands of tourists every year. The museums and striking architecture never fail to amaze everyone who lays their eyes upon it. Our goal at Mifra Academy is to aid students in having a true immersive experience in a country different from their own, while at the same time pushing them to achieve their highest athletic ability possible. Through this experience, we hope that our students make life-long connections with the teammates they train with and the beautiful new culture they are experiencing.