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Gap Year programs in Spain & Internationals Soccer Academy

Spain’s first private College with its own Football Academy offers a unique opportunity for aspiring athletes. Experience the thrill of playing soccer in Spain while pursuing your academic goals. Join us, where ‘I play soccer in Spanish’ becomes a reality for international students seeking top-notch football schools in Spain.

Soccer Gap Year Spain

Embark on a transformative 10-month program in Spain, where players seamlessly combine football with education. Discover more recruiting options, enabling you to play soccer in Spanish. Do you like to play soccer in Spanish? This program is your gateway to learning how to become a soccer player while shaping your professional path from the very start.

College Recruitment

If you are looking to get more recruiting options after high school, consider a different path. Instead of going to college first and settling for a program that maybe does not fully satisfy your aspirations, explore our opportunity to gain valuable experience. We specialize in soccer offers and know how to get recruited for soccer. Discover ‘I play soccer in Spanish’ as a part of your journey while we assist you in reaching out to universities in the US for the perfect fit.

Soccer Tours in Europe

Experience an all-inclusive 10-day tour tailored for various football institutions. Customize your tour itinerary and explore our four diverse locations in Spain. Immerse yourself in the opportunity to play soccer in Spain and learn to play soccer in Spanish throughout your journey with us.



Studying and playing soccer in Spain not only offers an excellent opportunity for students to immerse themselves in Spanish culture but also presents a chance to embrace ‘to play soccer in Spanish‘ for an enriched experience. Do you like to play soccer in Spanish? This unique blend allows aspiring athletes to learn the language and delve into life in a different country while discovering how to become a soccer player. Additionally, training in Spain offers players the chance to adopt the intricacies of the Spanish style of play, enhancing their overall game understanding and technique.


Mifra is a Spanish company that has focused on enhancing soccer education for the past ten years. We are proud to be one of the most successful soccer schools accredited by the Spanish government. Through our program, more than 3000 thousand students have achieved their goal of becoming professional soccer coaches and receiving their Spanish Coach License.

Due to the success of our program, we have decided to expand our capabilities for foreign exchange students here in Spain.

Mifra Academy was born as a new innovative project which allows players to participate in an immersive Spanish program and enhance their soccer skills, through intensive training by Spain’s top coaches.


Mifra is a Spanish company that has focused on improving football education for the last ten years. Through our program, more than 3,000 students have achieved their goals. We are proud to be the only School with its own academy accredited by the Spanish Government, so our students can obtain recognizable credits through our programs.

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Soccer Gap Year programs

A Soccer Gap Year in Spain offers young players a transformative opportunity to enrich their skills and broaden their horizons before college or a professional career. Through immersive experiences like language immersion, volunteer work, and cultural exploration, students can enhance their personal and professional growth while creating lasting memories. With a focus on academic excellence, cross-cultural experiences, and financial accessibility through scholarships, this unique journey promises to leave a lasting impact on participants’ lives, both on and off the field.

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How can an American play soccer in Europe?

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"Soccer International and Gap Year" and "Soccer Academy in Spain" are two exciting programs offered by Soccer International, designed to provide a unique and enriching experience for passionate and ambitious football players. The "Soccer International and Gap Year" program combines football with a transformative gap year experience, while the "Soccer Academy in Spain" focuses on top-tier football training for young talents aspiring to a professional career. Both programs offer high-level coaching, cultural immersion, and personal growth opportunities, making them the perfect choice for those seeking excellence on and off the field. Join us for an unforgettable football journey in Spain!